Viewing Google Maps icons through the perspective of ancient maps

, 1909, by Sargent, R. H.

The smell of aged parchment and centuries-dried ink, the slight sound of large sheets rustling and flat drawers rolling open, the soft feel of worn atlas bindings on my fingertips as I walk down rows of bookshelves—my senses were greeted with remnants of history each time I entered the

A case study on Co–Star, one of the most popular astrology apps

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Today, I received a notification from Co–Star telling me, “Do your laundry today. Fold it immediately.”

is an astrology app, most known for its quippy and conversation-inspiring “day at a glance” notifications, clean interface, and ease of use—folks who are new to astrology and seasoned experts alike appreciate the…

Taking a closer look at InterVu through the lens of usability heuristics

InterVu by Focus Vision, a platform for digital focus groups

I work in market research, which means my team often went to interview consumers in-person, whether they were ethnographies in their own homes, focus groups in a facility, or shop-alongs within stores. Of course, this was all pre-pandemic — once quarantine began, we had to rapidly shift our project methodologies…

Amanda Nguyen

Digital Product Designer @ Allbirds, patiently waiting until it’s time to water her plants.

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